If you need capital for your business and have assets to pledge, that helps a lot. It gives us more flexibility – access to more programs and generally more aggressive loan rates and lower fees. That goes for whether you are borrowing money using assets you already own or if you are borrowing money to purchase assets.

Our Asset-based Loan Programs

We are a direct lender and investor. In other words, we use our own capital. At times, we partner with other lenders in our national network. It all depends on what makes the most sense for our customers. Our primary goal is always finding you the best program you qualify for that meets your growth needs.

Our asset-based loan programs are available for all types of businesses and credit types. We have programs to buy equipment, real estate, renovate facilities, and just about any other business purpose. And, we have asset-based loans that allow you to pledge assets, personal or business, to obtain working capital.
If your company is a non-profit, benefit corporation or low-profit limited liability company and needs an asset-based loan, let’s talk. For more info about our Social Impact Finance Group, visit [link to our Social Impact Finance Group].

The Benefit of Not Being a Massive Bank

We are not an enormous company. In fact, we are a relatively small Texas-based direct lender. But, we operate nationwide and we don’t lack knowledge and sophistication. Our founders have a whole lot more finance and operating experience than most financial services executives. We aren’t bragging about that, but rather just letting you know that you are in good hands. It can be frustrating to feel like you’re just talking to an order taker who doesn’t know anything about your business or how to get you the capital you need.

Being small and lean, we are quick and flexible. Sure, we will need a certain amount of information from you to get you a decision on your loan (we can help you pull that info together, by the way) but once we have that info, you will have a loan decision in days (sometimes hours) and not weeks or months.

We are Ready to Help

Looking for an asset-based loan? We can help. We are a direct lender. Call us today at 512.910.2700