Businesses need cash to launch and they need cash to grow. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get business capital from traditional banks. The process can be exhausting and often takes months. If you’re waiting on much-needed money to come from your local bank, it’s worth your time to consider Plans B and C. Banks just don’t move fast and they say no a whole heck of a lot.

We make and arrange loans for businesses. As a direct lender, we can move quickly and have the flexibility to fund a lot of different types of businesses in all sorts of industries. We also partner with other financial companies. We may ask another company to participate in a deal with us to get your company the money it needs or we may allow a partner to fund your deal entirely. Our goal is always, first and foremost, to get you the best financing program your company qualifies for and to help you quickly and effectively meet your business financing needs.

We don’t charge upfront application fees just to spend time to figure out if we have financing programs that work for you. And, it doesn’t take us months, or even weeks, to get to a “yes” or “no.” If an underwriter has a full application, the decision to provide credit should happen within hours. Otherwise, the file is just sitting on someone’s desk. Sure, it takes some time to complete the application and file. We will help you with that, even handle the heavy-lifting. But, from start to finish, you should have an answer in days, not weeks, and definitely not months!

As both a direct lender and a partner with lots of other nationwide lenders, we have a lot of loan programs at our disposal. Underwriting guidelines vary considerably. We have loans available for startup companies, while most of our loan programs are looking for you to be in business for a year or more. For some loan programs, the owner’s personal credit and the credit of the business matter, while for other programs they matter very little. Our programs vary in terms of the size of the loan, term of payback, if the rate is fixed vs. variable, and the qualifying guidelines.

We’re a small company and your application won’t be passed around from desk to desk. Our underwriting is quick and we will shoot straight with you.

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